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Collaborative tax governance platform for
transfer pricing

One place for global tax teams to manage and achieve full control of all tax responsibilities.

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Powering tomorrow’s global tax teams
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Global tax compliance is a moving target and is becoming more complex.

International-first tax concepts are pushing towards global tax transparency while shareholders, customers and employees are demanding strong ESG actions. In-house tax teams need a vision to move beyond the recipes of the past.


Time for a new view of global tax governance

1. Connect

Connect with internal and external stakeholders such as legal, finance, treasuries, advisors & tax authorities.

2. Collaborate

Collaborate between in-house tax and their stakeholders with structured and automated workflows for all processes.

3. Control

Take control on current tax affairs of multinational companies with our operationalized tax control framework.

One platform. One source of truth.

Collect and structure all tax relevant data and documents in one single platform using automations, integrations and workflows.

Single platform for all your tax jobs and responsibilities.

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Governance & Controls

A comprehensive and holistic dashboard on your group-wide tax affairs

  • A fully operationalized tax control framework soon
  • Data analytics and dashboarding
  • Predictive intelligence

One place to manage your group rationalization, structuring and corporate finance projects

  • Collaborate with the internal and external project stakeholders
  • Be in full control of the project timeline and execution of steps
  • Achieve solid project documentation including business purpose tracking
Compliance Management

End-to-end management of all your compliance processes

  • Install repeatable processes for corporate tax, 
indirect tax, WHT and DAC6 compliance
  • Gather insights and KPIs from these processes
  • Control the in- and outsourcing of all your compliance tasks
Tax Reporting & Accounting
Tax reporting

Centralize and govern your tax reporting activities

  • Structure and automate the info gathering and review workstreams
  • Capture all working papers, review comments and Q&A
  • Install review and sign-off process for senior management and auditors

Centralize the management of your worldwide tax audits and litigation

  • Standardized processes to manage controversy
  • Audit-log to organize request and reviewing 
input from all stakeholders involved
  • Dashboards integrated with uncertain tax positions tracker
Transfer Pricing

One place to control your TP activities

  • Structured and automated workflows for your Local / Master File process
  • Management of benchmark studies and intercompany agreements
  • Substance and TP functionality trackers
Monitoring of regulatory landscape

Always have tax regulations at your fingertips

  • Detailed tax country chapters for direct and indirect tax
  • Newsflashes for upcoming regulatory changes
  • Global tax governance and controls
  • Topic-based regulatory insights (e.g. DAC6)
Legal Entity Management
Legal org chart

One structured and up-to-date overview of all legal data and documents

  • An online and interactive Legal Org Chart
  • Convenient registration of mergers, divestments, 
liquidations and incorporations
  • Detailed cap tables and directors lists

Use cases for

Total control, without surprises

Loctax gives your in-house tax team the full picture — make global tax governance your superpower and exceed your ESG goals.

  • Global tax governance and controls
  • Full visibility on tax exposure and risks
  • Real-time dashboards and KPI tracking
  • Unlock efficiencies by doing more with less

Empower tomorrow’s tax teams

Loctax unlocks board influence and highlights your tax team’s strategic side, making you thrive in a new era of increasing corporate change and ESG regulation.

Head of tax
  • Comprehensive group tax calendar
  • Operationalized Tax Control Framework
  • Strategic tax management
  • Predictive intelligence and smart notifications

Designed by in-house tax pros, for in-house tax pros

The structured source of truth for in-house tax puts tax data and processes at the heart of the business. Seamlessly work with finance, treasury, legal and advisors to support the business.

Tax manager
  • Collaborate on jobs & projects
  • Loop in your tax advisors
  • Task and deadline management
  • Structured & automated workflows

The future-proof way to collaborate with tax

Get the tax data and context you need through your fully interactive Legal Org Chart. UnLOC new levels of collaboration and efficiency.

Legal manager
  • Interactive Legal Org Chart
  • Contextual information at all times
  • Integration with legal data and documents
  • Group Rationalization support

We believe in companies taking a more sustainable approach to managing their global taxes. Come join us.

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